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GoffPhotos (KGC Photo Agency LLP) was set up in 2000 by Ken Goff, then a freelancing photographer for 25 years. GoffPhotos is a leading supplier of celebrity candid celebrity event, news and royal photography to newspapers, magazines and other media outlets worldwide. Our constantly evolving archive represents the most exciting collection of images available to industry professionals today. Our aim is to continue to satisfy the needs of our customers as efficiently and dynamically as possible.

Ken Goff

Ken has been photographing the Royal Family, in the UK and overseas, since 1980. For the past 20 years Ken has been a member of the IPA (Independent Photographers Association), one of the Royal Rota groups given special access at Royal events and engagements. Highlights of his career have been a one-to-one conversation with Princess Diana in Zimbabwe, the only photographer to cover Prince William & Catherine on the roof of the Sabah Rainforest in Borneo, covering the Royal Family at the London Olympics and Paralympics and, most recently, the Queen & Pope at the Vatican, Rome.


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